General FAQs

What is the shelf life of Stellar Black products?

We recommend using home fragrance items within 1-2 years of purchase.

We recommend using body care items within 6-9 months of purchase.


Are Stellar Black body butters suitable for sensitive/allergy-prone/acne-prone/baby's skin?

Stellar Black body butters are gentle enough for most skin types. While we're continuously working to create products with all skin types in mind, every body is different.

Please consult the ingredients found under our product descriptions to make your best determination on what works for you. If you are unsure, ensure you complete a spot/patch test on skin (inner arm is a great spot).

Our body butters contain heavy butters and oils, we do not recommend applying these to the face. We do not recommend using our products if you have known allergens to anything found in our products. 


Where does Stellar Black source their materials from?

We strive to use ingredients that are ethically sourced. Our suppliers are monitored frequently.


What type of fragrances does Stellar Black use in their scented products?

All Stellar Black SPACE and BODY fragrances are Phthalate-Free. This means that the smell is more subdued. However, the fragrances are non-toxic which is good news for your body. 

Additionally, our BODY products use fragrances that are body safe. This means that most skin types should not experience any irritation.  


What type of wax does Stellar Black use for candles/wax melts?

Stellar Black candles are made with Coconut-Soy wax. There is no paraffin in our wax which results in a "cleaner" burn.

We use 100% Soy wax for our wax melts.


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