About Stellar Black

About The Founder/Creator:

Kendra is an introverted minimalist. She enjoys science and the performing arts. When she's not creating, she's spending time with family or taking a nap!


The Story:

After years of creating and using products to address skin concerns for herself and family members, Kendra established Stellar Black in 2019. She added home fragrance to her repertoire once she realized certain store bought candles gave her headaches. She officially launched her business online in 2020. 


The Mission:

Stellar Black focuses on body care that promotes healthy skin. Our scent therapy is geared toward cleaner burns and maximum scent throws. We believe our customers should know exactly what they're using at all times. All products are created with minimal ingredients. All products are made in small batch.

Kendra describes all of her products as "Clean(ish)"; she opts for natural and clean ingredients whenever possible. However, safe synthetics and preservatives are used to ensure product effectiveness and safety. 

We are committed to improving our production and packaging materials resulting in lower waste. We strive to give you a final product that is kinder to your overall self care routine.